A common thing I hear from people is that they would like to cook healthy meals but don’t have the time it takes to prepare them. It’s often easier to eat out and have pre-cooked and processed meals. Eating healthy and nutritious meals is possible. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Eating produce that is local and in season can help maximize the nutritional content of your fruit and veggies. However, if you’re lacking time, you may not be able to do this. Purchasing pre-cut, pre-washed, and even frozen produce that are in season can help you save time. They’re still nutritionally high and you’re more likely to eat them if they are convenient to incorporate into your day.
  • Have a meal plan. Going to the grocery store without having a plan of what you want to eat or the ingredients needed to prepare a meal can be frustrating. Research a couple of healthy recipes that look appetizing and easy to prepare and create a list of the ingredients you need. Having a grocery list handy can help you stay prepared and focused.
  • Find a weekly prep time. Choosing one day a week to go grocery shopping and prepping for your meals is essential. Every Monday, I go grocery shopping and leave my evening open to prep my meals for the week. It is a wholesome act that you can do to take care of yourself. Take this time to wash your produce, cut up fruits and vegetables, portion out snacks in containers for work the next day, and prepare meals that can last a while like soup or stews.
  • Cook extra. If you’re open to eating leftovers, this can be the biggest time saver of them all. Cooking extra can help take away the thinking and stress involved in preparing fresh meals on a daily basis. This can help minimize eating out and keep you nutritionally fit.

With a little more focus and dedication, you’ll be preparing healthy meals in no time!