"Krishna is a really caring and dedicated nutritionist. By working with her I have lost nearly 35 pounds, feel great,    and totally changed my eating habits. She has convinced me that vegetables are good---and I now crave them instead of sweets. She even has recommended recipes and food sources so I can fit nutrition into my crazy schedule. Krishna is also a great yoga instructor, who has taught many classes at one of the local yoga studios. I always try to attend her classes when she teaches there. Thank you Krishna!"

-Karen P.

"When going thru a life change, Krishna became my Personal Health Coach. She helped me to figure out how to manage nutrition, exercise and stress while traveling 4 days a week. I appreciated how she could give me a different point of view when I got stuck and provided various resources when needed. She is knowledgeable, a good listener and resourceful."

-Mary Jane M. 

"Krishna has worked with me as my health coach appointed by Executive Health Exams for several years between 2008 to 2015. All the appointments were kept on the phone and they were so productive that I used to look forward to those monthly follow up phone calls. Krishna helped me with my nutrition by maintaining a log documenting the portions consumed. She encouraged me to maintain healthy diet during my frequent and long travels. The other topics of constructive discussions were the daily exercise, maintaining healthy blood pressure and following up on the annual physical exam results, specially the numbers on lipid profile. Krishna as a person touched my heart when I shared the news about losing my son. She always reminded me that I am a good father. We always shared the progress on Yoga practice as I am also a certified Yoga teacher. Overall Krishna has contributed a lot with tips for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I wish Krishna the best in her new ventures." -

-Mahendra B. 

"Krishna embodies all the qualities that are essential in her field: compassion, knowledge, and a holistic approach for all her clients. I'm really impressed by the diversity of her clientele -- from truck drivers to teachers. This speaks to her versatility and ability to address and assess a variety of lifestyles. She has drastically changed the way I approach and see food. Krishna is also an incredibly down to earth and lovely person." 

-Elena L-T. 

"Krishna somehow senses exactly what the class needs- no two are the same. Some days yoga can be purely vinyasa - flowing from one pose to another nonstop, pushing the envelope. Other days it can be more meditative and peaceful, helping us get in touch with our inner selves. But whatever the process, the end result is the same - to leave the class feeling that sense of oneness with yourself and with the world. 

But beyond yoga, Krishna has helped me be the best I can be healthwise. As a licensed nutritionist, she has guided me on how to make better eating choices, to find that balance that will nourish the body in the right way. 

I am the healthiest I've ever been, physically and emotionally, and I owe that largely to Krishna's influence. Thank you!"

-Chat S.